Vitraž Lexicon 03 – Read the News

Be honest, bare and naked with Vitraz Q&A. The 3rd episode with Read the News, electronic duo based in Zurich – Lukas Mayer & Ryder Ulmer.

We are introducing the lexicon section, in which we will be real, bare, and naked. Famous people, followers, acquaintances. Without any differences. It seems that we are becoming increasingly estranged, so we want to do our part to bring us back together through basic human interaction.

Through honesty, interests, and recommendations. Many spend years together without asking the right questions and really get to know each other. Maybe you’ll read the answers you’re looking for, perhaps someone will be an inspiration, a surprise. Honesty is the most incredible luxury we can afford.

In this day and age, we forget the importance of forming our own opinion. An overabundance of external noise results in the loss of uniqueness. This also applies in the world of musical exploration. Taking time to introduce new sounds and find new satisfaction in unfamiliar music. So – Read the News.

1.       Your childhood dream, a trait you carried along into adulthood

We have been friends since we were quite young and have always been attracted to creative projects. Lukas had studies and been involved in video content and I (Ryder) was in textile. Over the years we became more involved in electronic music and put all our focus on growing that passion. 

2.       Three qualities you value the most in others

Honesty, Humility and Selflessness

3.         Three qualities that repulse you the most 

Egoism, Arrogance and Willful ignorance

4.         Unfulfilled dream

To further grow our audience and introduce our sound both digitally and in front of a live audience. 

5.         Greatest individual success

For Lukas, the successful creation and sale of his video-editing company, and thereafter the moments in Read the News that expressed joy from others in what we had created. For me (Ryder), I would say in a previous project I did called KRU, which was a line of streetwear winter jackets, the moment’s where people really appreciated the product including some creatives which were inspiring to me. And now the same as Lukas abive, regarding the progression of Read the News the ups and downs which are associated with it. 

6.         Which compliment would please you the most, in regards to yourself.

I don’t think there is a single compliment, which would please the most, regardless of who it came from. Obviously it’s very nice to hear if your role models enjoy what you have created. To hear from anyone that a track really spoke to them, I would say is the biggest compliment. 

7.         Favorite song (at the moment, all time…)

Lukas: Marino Canal – Dreamt of tomorrow 

Ryder: London Grammar – Nightcall 

8.         Favorite book

Lukas: James Turrell: A Retrospective

Ryder: The Curious Incident of the dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

9.         Scenario, scenery, ideal, that you dream about (description if needed)

Lukas: Mountains, Snow and I still appreciate and truly enjoy the Swiss alps. But I love to visit new places and see foreign culture. 

Ryder: I really enjoy islands and tropical climates.

10.       What do you fear the most?

Lukas: Sitting still and not moving forward  

Ryder: Also creative block and the feeling of not progressing. 

11.       What do people lack the most?

That depends on their desire. But if we had to chose, most likely a goal. The hardest way to achieve something, is not knowing what it is that you want to achieve. 

12.       What do you lack the most?

Lukas: I could often maybe push through phases where I am stuck creatively, instead I chose then to take breaks from working on a project. 

Ryder: I would say consistency and I’m often easily influenced. 

13.       Most significant regret

Lukas: Not starting to produce electronic music earlier, however there is always a time and place for everything. 

Ryder: I’m very happy at the moment, and feel like everything is moving forward. I don’t really like to say I would have regrets, as even if you made mistakes, everything kind of lead to the way it is now. 

14.       Favorite movie

Lukas: Pulp Fiction 

Ryder: The Matrix

15.       3 favorite spots from your favorite city (tip, recommendation, doesn’t have to be your hometown)

Lukas: Zurich – Restaurant Rosi, club Klaus, flea market Bürliplatz (Flohmarkt Bürkliplatz).

Ryder: Zurich – Hive Club , restaurant Kronenhalle, Bürkliplatz Lake.

Unsplash, Zurich Bürkliplatz

16.       3-5 qualities that u find in opposite/same sex that take your breath away (description if necessary).

Lukas: Open-minded, Adventurous and a bit crazy. 

Ryder: Humorous, Honest and Optimistic

17.       Describe yourself in one word

Lukas: Advantageous

Ryder: Overthinker

18.       Your message, favorite quote, moto 

Lukas: Do whatever brings you joy and take criticism but don’t let someone influence you to not do something. 

Ryder: The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. -Walt Disney

19.       Three things without which happiness seems unattainable

Music, Friendship and Family. 

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