Vitraž Lexicon 04 – Masšh 

Be honest, bare and naked with Vitraz Q&A. The 4th episode is with Masšh, unique electronic artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We are introducing the lexicon section, in which we will be real, bare, and naked. Famous people, followers, acquaintances. Without any differences. It seems that we are becoming increasingly estranged, so we want to do our part to bring us back together through basic human interaction. Through honesty, interests, and recommendations.

Many spend years together without asking the right questions and really get to know each other. Maybe you’ll read the answers you’re looking for, perhaps someone will be an inspiration, a surprise. Honesty is the most incredible luxury we can afford.

Our guest is Masšh. Fashionable African electronic artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The unique sound that he dubs “astral”, derived from “astral projection”, a term used in esotericism to describe a willful out-of-body experience that assumes the existence of a soul or consciousness. His sound is influenced by dark classical music and his love for emphasis on tone and atmosphere over traditional musical structure or rhythm, all carried through African grooves.


His music garnered support from Âme and Dixon, Jimi Jules, Hyenah, Laolu, Desiree, Caiiro, Shimza, Sun-EL Musician, Keinemusik, DJ Koze etc. and constantly appears on Black Coffee’s Spotify playlist. He has since then released on labels such as Nervous Records (USA), Gondwana (KE) and Stay True Sounds (SA), Madorasindahouse, Aluku Records (UK) with more to follow.

1.       Your childhood dream, a trait you carried along into adulthood

I can’t really recall having a childhood dream per se. I’ve always been a curious individual and I believe this is one trait I’ve kept until now. I try anything and everything, that was the case in my childhood. However, I can say I developed quite a strong interest in Information Technology at age 11. Maybe that was my childhood dream.

Johannesburg, South Africa, Simon Hurry, Unsplash

2.       Three qualities you value the most in others

Conscientiousness, self-awareness and open-ness.

3.         Three qualities that repulse you the most 

Dishonest, fickle, disrespectful people are not my cup of tea.

4.         Unfulfilled dream

Haha, I have none. I think I’m still working towards realizing them.

5.         Greatest individual success

My greatest success has to be maintaining my uniqueness as an artist and an individual.It’s so easy to lose sight of the core of what makes you, ‘you’.

6.         Which compliment would please you the most, in regards to yourself.

Acknowledgement of the little value I bring into one’s life, if any.

7.         Favorite song (at the moment, all time…)

Favorite song at the moment is, ‘Hey, Who Really Cares’ by Linda Perhacs and a song Idiscovered while I was in Istanbul, Bob Moses & Elderbrook – ‘Inner Light’. It’s one of those you need to hear when they perform. Lastly, I have so many all time favorites that I struggle to name just one but, ‘The Layabouts w/ Pete Simpson – Thank You’ is top of mind and ‘La La La’ by DJ Sndara w/ Museeq IQ.

8.         Favorite book

The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho. It’s the reason I’d one day like to walk the Camino de Santiago route.

9.         Scenario, scenery, ideal, that you dream about (description if needed)

I fantasize about hosting a conceptual concert show where I get to curate a special set or performance. Kind of like a once in a lifetime thing that you’d always look back to as one of the best experiences of your life, closest to the first time you fell in love. We all remember how it felt, the butterflies, the goosebumps and chaotic flows of fuzzy feelings. The new ‘Sphere’ venue in Las Vegas would be an ideal space to realize something of that nature.

10.       What do you fear the most?

Fear of losing creativity.

11.       What do people lack the most?

I think people lack a sense of purpose or direction. Especially in today’s world whereeverything is so fast-paced. You are constantly met with the paradox of choice.

12.       What do you lack the most?

Self-compassion, I think.

13.       Most significant regret

I don’t have any. I believe things had to play out the way they did for me to be here, to bethe person I am today. I wouldn’t change any of it.

14.       Favorite movie

For my favorite movie? It’s a tie between Interstellar & Joker (2019).

15.       3 favorite spots from your favorite city (tip, recommendation, doesn’t have to be your hometown)

My first spot has to be this Korean inspired restaurant called “Banchan” in Sandton, Johannesburg. Love their BBQ! Second, it has to be Gold Reef City theme park in Johannesburg as well. I’m a part-time adrenaline junkie. Lastly, Bosphorus, in Istanbul. I just love the atmosphere.

16.       3-5 qualities that u find in opposite/same sex that take your breath away (description if necessary).

A great sense of humor, an independent thinker and that’s because I’m a bit of a sapiosexual. Someone who is intentional with what they love. Lastly, a person who has an extensive musical interest like me, I listen to EVERYTHING, and it consequently becomes fun to discover music with them.

17.       Describe yourself in one word

Modish. 😉

18.       Your message, favorite quote, moto 

Never be plagued by narrow thinking. Be a fool. Only those who have set out to innovateand influence the cause of the world were once willing fools. No experiment has come from a man who knew exactly what would result from it.

19.       Three things without which happiness seems unattainable

Purpose. Love and gratuity.

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